Unlocking Assets in Custody

SettleBit is a global clearing and settlement protocol for unlocking in-custody assets by enabling in-custody and cross-custodian trading.

Improving security and flexibility of digital assets

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Unlock Digital Assets in Custody

With SettleBit protocol, custodians can add a standardized clearing and settlement layer to their custody infrastructure, enabling liquidity for assets in custody.
Add Trading to Custody
Let your customers begin trading assets in custody, with SettleBit handling counterparty risk. Offer services in fiat and leading cryptocurrencies.
One-Click Liquidity
Whether using the SettleBit UI for trading, or integrating the API into your own interface - SettleBit is designed to enable 1-click trading for assets in custody.
Backed by Real Liquidity
SettleBit provides automated liquidity to ensure counterparties offer the best price available based on exchanges with legitimate volume.